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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Terrorism and Sport

It makes you wonder. Yesterdays awful attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Pakistan will now result in a security review of every major sporting event in the world.

In principle this is no bad thing.

However, what will be the outcome? Will the London Olympics spend millions of pounds on a security review and then change nothing?

Will every major football ground have armed police?

What now for cricket? All questions that will be pondered over the coming days and weeks.

Let sports fans unite and fight the law breakers and ensure sport stays as it is, sport and largely above politics!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,

Just read your blog post on terrorism and sport. I work for a BBC World Service radio programme called World Have Your Say ( be really keen to speak to you asap. My number is 0207 5570635 and my email is
Cheers - Claudia

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