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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Alex Salmond gets stood up in Copenhagen

Alex Salmond has been left red faced and embarrassed after three prominent figures stood him up at an event where he was among the speakers.

California's Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and London mayor Boris Johnson were listed to speak at a session of the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

However, all three had pulled out of that event.

This is quite embarrassing for the First Minister because he had highlighted beforehand that they were among the scheduled speakers.

The event was billed as a "commitment session" in the Danish capital.

Although Scottish ministers are not part of the UK delegation to the summit itself, and will not be involved in the summit negotiations there are a large group of Scots over there including the First Minister, George Lyon MEP and Patrick Harvie MSP.

The Scottish Government on Friday boasted that Alex Salmond was appearing with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Copenhagen.

Perhaps Alex Salmond should have checked this with Mr Schwarzenegger first.

The last thing they need in Copenhagen right now is more hot air from Alex Salmond!

First he wasn't invited and then he got stood up - whoops!


Strathturret said...

I cannot see why the Unionist are so against Scotland being in Copenhagem. What are they so frightened of?

Anonymous said...

But Scots where at the event you complete moron (below). The fact is Salmond wasted money going there to be turned down!

I'm Scottish, I did like the SNP but cant you see? They are not for independence, they are for the EU. We are securer in the United Kingdom. Labour has plenty MP's which are Scottish and are at the Summit.

Scottish Brave Heart idiots have to learn that its a film which is highly fake and the english are not "big bad baddies" who will chop of are heads! Get a grip my felow scots and move on with the world. IDEPENDENCE IS DEAD!

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