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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Flyglobespan UPDATE

It appears that those good folk of easyJet have stepped in to help stranded Flyglobespan passengers while spotting a commercial opportunity.

Over at their website,

"Following the announcement that Globespan has suspended its operations, easyJet, the largest UK airline, will offer those passengers stranded a special rescue fee of £60 (including taxes) to return home on the routes where our flights overlap with those of Globespan. These are:

Faro to Glasgow, Malaga to Glasgow, Alicante to Glasgow, Faro to Edinburgh, Malaga to Edinburgh, Alicante to Edinburgh and Geneva to Edinburgh.

Thanks to Mike Souter, easyJet have confirmed this offer is being offered to passengers stranded in the UK going the other way as well.

easyJet has made this offer available to any Globespan passengers due return home on these routes during the fourteen days (offer available until 23:59 - 30th December).

To claim the exclusive £60 rescue package, passengers should call easyJet customer services on one of the numbers listed below.

Passengers must provide the agent with their Globespan booking reference number and present their Globespan booking confirmation at check-in as further proof of booking.

From UK: 0871 244 2366

From Spain: 807 0700 70

From Switzerland: 0900 000 258

If you are calling from a country not listed above, you can call us on +44 871 244 2366.


Mike Souter said...

All very well, but what about people coming in the opposite direction who do not live in the UK?

Mike Souter said...

In fact, I have just had a call from EasyJet press office who tell me that it works in both directions

Andrew Reeves said...

Thanks Mike, I have now amended the blog post to say the offer by easyJet is both ways.

Mike Souter said...

I personally know of seven people affected by the collapse. But, as a travel writer and broadcaster, I found it impossible to ever get any comment from Tom Dalrymple, the boss of the company. I am sad that they have gone under, but their approach to customer service was diabolical - and that certainly was dictated from the top.

Anonymous said...

Tom Dalrymple has left his staff stranded as well has his customers, yet no details are put on the website by the administrators on how the staff can get home!!! Globespan were good enough to assure their staff yesterday that their jobs were secure, yet today the thankful task of contacting those who did not know was left to friends and family. I am sure that the Coward Dalrymple will yet again avoid making a statement....the only time he makes comment is when he is shown to make profit...(it must be an ego thing). I have seen the CEO of previous airlines face the news and hold back tears on the wake of their companies collapse, yet this 'businessman' lacks the guts or down right decency.

Anonymous said...

My partner's daughter, a No 1 air stewardess with Globespan, and approximately 60 other souls have been working out in India with Globespan for about the past six weeks - flying passengers between Abu Dhabi and Mecca during the annual pilgrimage.
Who's going to pay their huge hotel bills, their wages and most importantly of all - who's going to bring them all home.
No-one warned them, no one's been in touch with them from the company.
The poor girl has been on the phone constantly this evening crying her eyes out - her mother is distraught with worry - what a way for Tom Dalrymple and his company to treat hard working, loyal staff.

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