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Monday, 14 December 2009

Tony Blair was going to invade Iraq anyway, whatever the reason

Charles Kennedy and Sir Menzies Campbell must be feeling a little smug this week after Tony Blair's confession about Iraq, although knowing both of them as I do neither would ever admit that.

Tony Blair told Sky News that he believes it would have been right to invade Iraq even if it had been known that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction did not exist.

It appeared at the time that Tony Blair and George Bush were two of a limited number of people who believed all their own hype. But let us remember that most, and I do mean most Labour MPs including Gordon Brown and the Conservative MPs, including David Cameron supported Tony Blair and George Bush on this issue.

It was the Liberal Democrats who stood up to the bullying and harassment in the House of Commons, day in and day out over this. I wonder how many are completely embarrassed and ashamed now knowing their leader would have attacked Iraq anyway, whatever the reason.

The interview, with Fern Britton was broadcast this weekend on BBC1.

I for one am pleased and proud to be a Liberal Democrat on this issue and we must never let the people forget that it was Labour and the Conservatives who took us into this illegal war in Iraq.

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