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Friday, 25 December 2009

Chinese Government close down over 10 gay websites

Well the Chinese government has chosen to close down around 10 gay websites or their accounts have been deleted by web hosting companies, after being pressured by the Chinese government.

It really is a bloody disgrace, I suspect that the majority of these websites had less material classed as offensive than some straight pornographic ones? Some of them were nothing more than information websites for sufferers of HIV.

There are between 5million and 10million gay men (note men, not people so the full figure for gay people will be massive) in China, according to their own Ministry of Health, so I suspect the figure is at least double that, given their Ministries and government just blatantly cover things up or lie to their own people blaming the evil West.

Gay activity is tolerated in just a few places, mainly the large cities, but given the delicate political scene in China it can mean a rapidly changing view of official attitudes. The Chinese government have only recently admitted that gay and lesbian people do exist and have begun working with gay groups in a very limited way.

This recent activity of closing gay websites down just highlights how delicate this line of government tolerance really is.

We purchase so many things that are made in China that perhaps we should seriously consider some re-assessment of where products are made or consider a boycott on particular products to make a point?

HIV is on the increase in China so why the government is targeting HIV/AIDS information websites is beyond me. The best way to stop a disease spreading like this is to provide information and spread the safe sex message.

Thankfully the Chinese Association of HIV/AIDS NGOs, founded by 165 NGOs across China is trying to provide free legal aid through the work of 20 lawyers to these webmasters of the affected gay websites.

They have already assisted three webmasters in Beijing.

You can read more here. I do hope the Chines government open their eyes and ears and listen and allow these websites to re-open.

A homophobic, blind and stupid government is not the way forward when it comes to fighting HIV!

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