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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Its Easter Egg time

ASDA and Lothian buses are first to sell and advertise, Easter eggs respectively.

I'm actually not sure its something to be proud of Cadburys and ASDA PR people, I think its crap!

Technically its still Christmas, tomorrow is Hogmanay and yes it is still 2009.

Do you remember when Easter eggs were sold at Easter?

ASDA and Cadburys need to learn that the consumer does get sick of these stunts.

I for one will be very fed up of seeing easter eggs advertised on Edinburgh buses for the next four months and definitely sick of seeing them piled up at the tills at ASDA.


Caron said...

We're used to seeing creme eggs in the shops the week after Christmas, and, to be honest, I'm not that bothered by that, but actual Easter eggs is going a bit far!

Rankersbo said...

We can't find gluten free mince pies anywhere. It's still Christmas for another week!

Hythlodaeus said...

I was vaguely infuriated by seeing a bus advert advertising "Creme Egg Season January 1st - April 4th" on the 31st.

Might as well just sell the things all year round if you're going to be making them available for a quarter of the year.

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