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Saturday, 5 December 2009

David Cameron tries to muscle in on Nick Clegg

Once again we see the Conservative leader David Cameron try to muscle in on ground taken by Nick Clegg.

The Conservatives have announced today that they will double the tour allowance to troops returning from Afghanistan, from £2,400.

This coming after months of campaigning by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats on costed plans to increase the overall pay for our troops.

It is becoming more and more obvious that Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are impacting on the Conservative vote because this is not the first time we have seen this happen and nor will it be the last.

As I have said before, Nick Clegg leads and then David Cameron follows along behind. I blogged on the 11th July and again on 26th August.

It is very obvious that David Cameron fears the overall threat of the Liberal Democrats and also knows unlike them we don't put out policies until fully costed so when people pinch our proposals they know we have done our homework.

Well Dave the troops may enjoy a doubling of the Afghanistan allowance, what Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are proposing though goes a lot further and puts our troops pay on the same footing as our police and fire personnel, a proper fair pay not just a wee gimmick.

Read our proposals and sign our petition for Fair Pay for our Troops.


Anonymous said...


I am a former member of the Armed Forces and I have been working loosely with the Conservative shadow defence team on their plans for the military manifesto.

I can assure you, this is just one of a number of proposals to support soldiers and their families which will be fleshed out ahead of the election - and the shadow defence team is not spending even a moment looking at whatever fantasy government plans the Lib Dems are proposing!

Andrew Reeves said...

You may well be working with them, but we do know however funny you think it is, that (a) they look at our ideas and (b) often use them.

They do not cost their manifesto as detailed as we do - fact!

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