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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Conservatives to freeze pay of public sector staff on £18,000+

There are times in politics when a political party scores an own goal, and then there are days like yesterday when not just an own goal, but a spectacular own goal is scored.

This time it is the turn of Annabel Goldie, George Osborne, David Cameron and the Conservatives.

Every soldier, nurse, police man and woman, fireman and women, teacher and office staff who earn just £18,000 a year (or more if they are lucky) is to get a pay freeze under the Conservatives and what's more, if you are a millionaire then the Conservatives will give you tax cuts.

That's right, hit the workers hardest and help the fat cat rich folk get even richer - same old Conservatives.

They are out of touch with the needs of ordinary people like you and me, not just here in Scotland but across the UK.

It’s obvious that life would get worse, not better, for most people under a Conservative Government.

Whereas the Scottish Liberal Democrats have shown that 3,031 out of half a million public sector workers who earn over £100,000, are costing us £413 million a year.

People just cannot understand it when they learn that highest earners in the NHS are also able to nominate themselves for bonuses worth up to £75,000 a year on top of their salaries.

Some even get paid more than Alex Salmond’s three salaries as MP, MSP and First Minister added together.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have asked the Scottish government to freeze the pay of these high earners.

We want these high earners to shoulder the burden of cutting the public sector pay bill, not those who earn a fraction of this and who would be hit by these new Conservative plans.

The Conservatives would exempt the troops who are serving in Afghanistan, great, but what about the troops everywhere else? They still get their pay frozen!
It's about time people realised that Dave's Conservatives are still the same old Tories with new soundbites, they have not changed, they are still the party of the rich and this unfair tax policy just proves it.
It's time for fairer taxes, and the Liberal Democrats are giving you that choice.

1 comment:

Chic said...

"Some even get paid more than Alex Salmond’s three salaries as MP, MSP and First Minister added together."

Except he puts one of those salaries into a trust fund.

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