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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Is Nigel Griffiths MP about to stand down?

The rumours are happening all over again, saying that Nigel Griffiths MP will shortly be announcing that he is to stand down from Parliament.  The word on the street is that the Edinburgh South Labour party are already looking for the replacement to Nigel.

I have seen it on Twitter, had 7 texts and 2 phone calls this evening.

To be honest it sort of doesn't matter in some respects as Fred Mackintosh is pushing him as the main challenger for this election anyway.  So, if he did jump before he was pushed stand down before the election many people would not be that surprised.

The Liberal Democrats are the direct challengers in Edinburgh South to Nigel Griffiths and the Labour Party, in fact even Politics Home is predicting a Liberal Democrat gain from Labour.

Just 405 votes separate Labour and the Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh South. Even sources in the local Labour party accept that the Lib Dems are now in 'pole position' in Edinburgh South.

The Conservative campaign in Edinburgh South was delivered a major blow after the top Tory blogger, Iain Dale, predicted that the Liberal Democrat Fred Mackintosh was on course to beat Labour here in Edinburgh South.

The influential Tory blogger and commentator - a former Conservative Parliamentary Candidate - has predicted that the Liberal Democrats were set to increase their numbers of MPs, both here in Scotland and across the UK as a whole.

So, Nigel if the rumours are true, let's hear it, and if not why not make the announcement and put the rumours finally to bed.

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