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Friday, 22 January 2010

Gordon Brown to appear before the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry

Finally, Gordon Brown has conceded defeat and will be appearing before the Chilcot Iraq Inquiry after repeated calls by Nick Clegg amongst others.

Nick Clegg and democracy have won the day.

Now, Gordon Brown, who signed all of the cheques to pay for the illegal war in Iraq will have to appear in front of the Iraq Inquiry to explain his actions, potentially as early now as next week.

With Alistair Campbell giving evidence last week and then issuing a "what I meant to say statement", Jack Straw giving evidence yesterday, and Tony Blair due soon as well, the heat is being turned up on Labour and the Government.

Jack Straw, now the Justice Secretary, told the Iraq Inquiry yesterday that he supported the Iraq war “very reluctantly” when he was the Foreign Secretary at the time.

He added that he could have stopped Tony Blair going ahead with his intention of joining the US invasion and that he had warned Blair that it would be illegal just to overthrow Saddam and pressed for the United Nations to resolve the crisis peacefully.

I really doubt that Jack Straw could have stopped Blair given Tony has admitted he would have sent troops into Iraq, and would have found any reason to do so.

Jack Straw also said that he had presented Tony Blair with an alternative plan the evening before the crucial House of Commons vote on the war that did not involve committing British troops.

I am delighted that both Gordon Brown and Tony Blair will be called to appear in front of the Inquiry before the election because I think voters deserve to know the truth, but I also remind people that Cameron's Conservatives supported Tony Blair and Gordon Brown all the way.

It was Charles Kennedy and the Liberal Democrats that provided the loudest voice of opposition, especially in the House of Commons, which then turned into a massive wave of opposition across the UK.

Let us now see what Brown and Blair were hiding and have the Liberal Democrats and many others proved right once again.

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