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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mercurius Caledonius returns as the Caledonian Mercury

Yesterday saw the newest 'newspaper' on the block emerge in Scotland with former Editor of, Stewart Kirkpatrick launching the much awaited Caledonian Mercury.

This being the third incarnation of the Caledonian Mercury, the previous Caledonian Mercury ceased in 1867. “The Mercurius Caledonius was the first Scottish newspaper,” says Stewart Kirkpatrick, “and as Scotland’s first truly online newspaper we wanted to lay claim to the heritage of journalistic innovation.”

And so it is that Scotland’s oldest newspaper is re-born as Scotland’s newest. It is fitting, therefore, that we take as our motto, that of Thomas Sydserf. In his February edition in 1661, he revealed his mission statement after he was leaned on particularly heavily by members of the establishment.

Typically for a playwright, he looked to Cicero when he declared: “Ne quid false dicere audeas, ne quid veri non.”

And we here today also promise to you our readers “to assert no falsehood and to hide no truth”.

Good luck to Stewart and the team, from what we have seen so far this online publication is going to force the newspapers in Scotland to sit up and sharpen their pencils.
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