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Sunday, 31 January 2010

David Cameron's Tories leave human rights at the doorstep

The web has been full all day about David Cameron's dynamite quote, "The moment a burglar steps over your threshold, and invades your property, with all the threat that gives to you, your family and your livelihood, I think they leave their human rights outside." which he made on the Politics Show today during an interview.

I do agree this quote is dynamite, only because I think this could blow up in David Cameron's face like many other silly throw away populist comments he and his colleagues have made.

Over on Sara Bedford's blog, she has discovered one commentator at ConservativeHome who said gleefully:

"Whether a few criminals end up dead as a result of this doesn’t really matter and is really quite a sideshow to the main issue and a trivial point no-one really cares about. The net effect of this announcement is that it will win the Tory Party loads and loads of votes. And there’s absolutely nothing Labour can do about it. Nothing at all."
Nothing surprises me anymore about the Conservatives, I have been campaigning against them since 1983, but the comment above stoops to a level below the gutter.

Now before all the Tory, Nationalists and Labour do-gooders jump on me for being Liberal, I agree with our party line that life means life and that a crime should be punished.

I have also been burgled, it is horrible, but to say that the person who burgled us lost his human rights the minute he climbed through our back door window is just preposterous. So, if this was ever to happen to me again and I was in at the time, Cameron is giving me permission to beat the burglar up, crack them over the head with a rolling pin, or a baseball bat?

This kind of nonsense from the Leader of the Opposition could lead to all sorts of ridiculous stories, as I am sure criminals will arm themselves more heavily if they suspect their victims are armed as well.

Would it mean gun laws as in US States like Texas where every one has access to weapons of some kind?

I am becoming increasingly worried that David Cameron and his cronies already think they have won the election and are parading around with such arrogance, but putting out statements such as this just to grab headlines and jump on populist bandwagons is nothing more than disgraceful.

Statements like this will incite people and also in their minds provide them with a sense of protection, that in reality just does not exist.

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David T Breaker said...

David Cameron is entirely right on this. When you break into someone's home you should be leaving your human rights at the door, and as far as I'm concerned you are. Even under current law you can use "reasonable force" to defend your home, which can mean anything depending upon the circumstances, so are you suggesting reforming the law to protect burglars more than presently?

If you do not wish to lose your human rights, don't break other people's human rights by breaking in! Would you just stand back and let someone sneak round your house, maybe with your kids asleep? By all means choose not to use your right to defend your home and instead extend human rights to a criminal who has so broken yours, but di not expect the rest of us to be so amiable.

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