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Thursday, 14 January 2010

The snow first, then the thaw and floods?

We have been hit hard by the snow recently, across the whole UK not just Scotland and there have been all of the accusations about Councils and Governments being prepared, or under prepared for the weather.

Here in Edinburgh we have had it fairly easy compared to some parts of the Borders or the Highlands with the volumes of snow.

I was down in Hawick and Galashiels which is in the Scottish Borders this week and was really taken by the sheer volumes of snow piled up everywhere and also really quite pleased to see the Council being very pro-active clearing paths and roads and shifting the snow out off the hilly areas.

This is good planning to see this given the piles of snow will soon start to thaw.

Hawick has been hit hard in recent years by floods so this forward planning by the Council is welcome but I do question how many Councils across the UK will have put thought into moving the huge piles of snow piled up on the hills in their towns to avoid the eventual floods following the thaw?

Let us hope for the sake of all those who will be affected that they have planned and have the resources ready to deal with whatever comes out of the thaw - floods and the pot holes!

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