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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Well done Nick Clegg at PMQ's

Good on Nick for doing this and urging the Prime Minister to stand up and get his backside into the Iraq Inquiry before the General Election, he signed all of the cheques to pay for the illegal war so he should therefore face the consequences.

I blogged about this before Christmas and stand by what I said back then, these people made the decisions so should face the Inquiry now, not when it suits them.

Let's stop the whitewash and the excuses and have them explain their decisions to take us into the illegal Iraq war, we already know that Tony Blair was going to send our troops into Iraq whatever the reason so Gordon Brown as the paymaster needs to justify why he sanctioned the payments, remember this war cost around £7million per day.

Following yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg has written to Gordon Brown, urging him to indicate to the Chilcot Inquiry that he would prefer to appear before it ahead of the election.

The text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Gordon,

I am writing to urge you to indicate immediately to Sir John Chilcot that it is your strong preference to go before the Iraq Inquiry ahead of the General Election.

Following developments yesterday at Alastair Campbell’s hearing, your personal role in the decisions that led to the war in Iraq has now come under the spotlight. The notion that your hearing should take place after the election in order that the Inquiry remains outside of party politics therefore no longer holds. On the contrary, the sense that you have been granted special treatment because of your position as Prime Minister will only serve to undermine the perceived independence of the Committee.

As I said to you across the floor of the Commons today, people have a right to know the truth about the part you played in this war before they cast their verdict on your Government’s record. I urge you to confirm publicly that should Sir John Chilcot invite you to give evidence to the Inquiry ahead of the election you will agree to do so.

Nick Clegg

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