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Monday, 1 February 2010

Nigel Griffiths MP jumps ship too - (before the Lib Dems pushed him)

As reported on this blog late yesterday night, Nigel Griffiths MP is to step down as he now has a job at an "international educational institution" from June as reported in a letter to local party members.

Nigel Griffiths will be remembered for many things in Edinburgh South, the MP claiming £3,605 for a plasma tv during the MPs expenses scandal, engagining in sexual activity in his House of Commons office on Armistice Day and earlier in his Parliamentary career, he was criticised for failing to declare that he owned a property that acted as his constituency office in Edinburgh's Minto Street.

Fred Mackintosh the Liberal Democrats candidate for Edinburgh South is just 405 votes behind Nigel Griffiths and has been tipped to take the Parliamentary seat at the forthcoming general election by top Tory blogger Iain Dale and established polling organisation Politics Home.

Nigel Griffiths joins a growing list of Scottish MPs - John McFall MP, Des Browne MP, Adam Ingram MP, Rosemary McKenna MP, John Reid MP, Mohammad Sarwar MP, Gavin Strang MP who are part of a list of 84 Labour MPs across the UK who will not re-stand this time.
And then there is the Anne Moffatt MP saga still to be decided.
With Captain Gordon Brown at the helm, there appears to be no one on look out because to lose one or two overboard is careless, to lose 84, well, that's just outrageous.


neil craig said...

So a member of a party that believe in genocide, child rape & dissecting people while alive has the gall to lecture anybody on human rights. By believes in I mean practices.

Anonymous said...

Disgraced Nigel Griffiths Stepping Down. Apparently he will be taking up a
"once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at an international education institution" known as London International College. "The offer came out of the blue in the past few days and once I checked out its authenticity it was straightforward", the MP is quoted as saying. However, since he has been Chairman of the Board of London International College for some years, it could hardly have "come out of the blue". Furthermore, take a close look at this institution and you will find that it is a 'diploma mill' for gullible foreign students that is in the process of losing its accreditation. Sounds as if he is the perfect man for the job!

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