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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Joanne Cash, temper tantrums and twitter all in Westminster North

On Tuesday I blogged a simple message with a link to Conservative Home, that Joanne Cash, the Tory candidate for Westminster North had resigned.

Well, now apparently everyone's toys are all back in the respective prams and she is the candidate again.

On Joanne Cash's Twitter page, some toys are obviously still out of the pram, there is a line in her biog, for all to see, RIP dinosaurs - that's so grown up and clearly what local people will want from their MP isn't it?

No, it clearly isn't, reading this from the Daily Mail:

'She [Joanne Cash] lost a lot of goodwill by doing that. Labour will now have a field day. It may be best if both Sayers and Cash resign and we have a completely fresh start,' one local party member said.
This is not simply a clash of two alpha females as some in Cameron's Conservatives may have us believe.  Cameron and his team of interferers have had their noses put out out before, remember the Bromley by-election?

The local association didn't take kindly to interference from Cameron and his team and so ignored the A-lister thrust upon them and went for three jobs Bob Neill (and I want a 4th), and then came within 700 votes of losing the seat.

Cameron would have us believe his party has changed, but situations such as this show that it hasn't in any way, my blog post earlier about his attack on lobbyists only for a senior tory, Andrew Mackay to become one two days later, a Conservative Future chairman suspended for making Nazi comments, the twitter rules for twits saga, the list just goes on and on and on.

When David Cameron and Eric Pickles have to personally intervene in a dispute such as this, it really does show all is not well in Camp Cameron.

Has this public throwing the toys out of the respective prams just shown that Joanne Cash will resign again at the drop of a hat if she doesn't get her way?
It could make the voting lobbies in the House of Commons interesting on occasion if she does.

Was this a flash in the pan or a slow burning problem, let's see.

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iain said...

In Southport the fall out between the long standing and respected Chair and the candidate led to CCHQ removing the chair seemingly with no debate or right of appeal. So much for the autonomy of local association! Among the many who have resigned/been suspended there was a Judge who was clearly outraged by the lack of natural justice.
I am intrigued as to why in Southport they just marched in and did it and in Westminster North Pickles and the like felt the need to attend an emergency meeting of members....

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