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Friday, 5 February 2010

Lies, damn lies and Cameron's Conservatives crime statistics

So, Chris Grayling MP who has been publicly humiliated this week, now today receives another slap, not from other politicians or political parties but from Sir Michael Scholar, the chairman of the UK Statistics Authority.

Sir Michael Scholar has warned Chris Grayling MP that the way he used the figures for violent crime were "likely to mislead the public".

This does beg the question, how can we trust the Conservatives?  This is the party who are arrogantly assuming they are going to form the next government, however given these revelations, how are we supposed to trust anything they say or promise?

They are starting to say anything to get elected, just like their bed fellows in Scotland, the SNP, who is 2007 promised alsorts to get elected only now starting to drop election pledge after election pledge.

Only last month David Cameron admitted he had "messed up" on the rewarding marriage through the tax system.

Annabel Goldie, the Conservatives Scottish Leader has announced that the Conservatives want to freeze the salary of all public sector workers who earn £18,000+ - nurses, policemen and women, council workers, firemen and women and as Liberal Democrats Scottish Leader, Tavish Scott said "A Lance Corporal returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan will find that the Conservatives have cut his pay in real terms while he has been away."

The Independent have done a little file on Chris Graylings gaffes;

Last August, Chris Grayling made a headline-grabbing speech in which he likened life in Britain’s inner cities to that in Baltimore,Maryland, as portrayed in the acclaimed television series The Wire. “When The Wire comes to Britain’s streets, it is the poor who suffer most. It is the poor who are the ones who have borne the brunt of the surge in violence under this Government,” he said.

This drew angry rebukes from city leaders, including London’s Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, who described it as “absolute nonsense”, because crime levels are actually much lower in British inner cities than in Baltimore.

Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, remarked: “The connection between The Wire and Chris Grayling’s grasp on the problems of modern Britain is that they are both fictional.”

Mr Grayling also almost ruined a political coup that David Cameron pulled off during last autumn’s Conservative Party conference, when the Tory leader announced he had taken on Sir Richard Dannatt, former Chief of the General Staff, as a political adviser.

Asked for his reaction, in front of a television camera, Mr Grayling thought that Sir Richard had agreed to be Gordon Brown’s adviser, and rubbished the appointment as a “political gimmick”. He spent the rest of the day eating his words.

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