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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

BBC Question Time drops Lib Dems (again)

The BBC need to start listening to their viewers and stop fobbing them and the Liberal Democrats off with pathetic excuses about balance.

This week, for the third time out of the last four, there will be no Liberal Democrat Parliamentarian on BBC Question Time.

Some weeks back they dropped Jo Swinson MP, then on the week Iraq was discussed, they dropped Sir Menzies Campbell MP - so it was down to the Conservatives to defend their record and yet, it was the Liberal Democrats who voted against the Iraq war, not Labour, nor Cameron's Conservatives.

When I recently complained (as did hundreds of others), I got the same response as shown below and discussed in greater detail on Lib Dem Voice.
“The Liberal Democrats like all parties get representation based on their level of electoral support, which means they are on most – but not all – ‘Question Time’ panels across each series. We believe it adds to the breadth of debate to have perspectives from politicians and non-politicians alike, so places are always limited even within a five-person panel.”
Since when did one show in four back that pathetic response from Gavin Allen?  If you want to see the full text of the email that everyone who complained received then you can read it here.

So, Gavin Allen obviously does not give a rats tail about what Lib Dem voters who watch the BBC think.

If like me, you are fed up of the BBC Question Time team ignoring the Liberal Democrats then;

Step 1: Contact the BBC about it.

Step 2: Spread the word to your friends. Suggest they do it – mention it on your facebook and twitter

Step 3: Write a blog post

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