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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Network Rail against progress as it is against industry objectives

Now, anyone that lives in the South of Scotland or journeys through it that everything is by bus, as the trains only stop at a few stations such as Dunblane or Berwick as the remainder of the region has no railway at all anymore.

So this morning I was struck by this story on the BBC website - Railway station faces rejection.

The proposals are for a new station and housing development in Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway.

Unfortunately the plans are due to be "recomended for refusal" by Dumfries and Galloway Council planning officers when it comes up at ameeting of councillors later this week.

Transport Scotland has described the station plans as "premature" and that it will not oppose the planning proposal if that aspect was dropped from the planning application.

Thornhill Community Council has also objected to the planning scheme however their objections are to do with the density of housing proposed, the impact on local roads and the potential impact on pupil numbers at local schools.

However, the part of the report that did make me laugh was that there is no opposition from Network Rail however they have pointed out that a station in the town could slow down journey times on the route which would be against industry objectives.

So, no more building of railway stations ever then because it is against the industry objectives of faster journey times - Network Rail and Royal Mail were made in the same mould, employ lots and lots of senior managers make it as difficult as possible for customers and moan, moan, moan until you can moan no more and then complain.
But, let us ensure we never modernise or progress, because that is bad, yes?

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