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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

National Bullying Helpline and Christine Pratt plunged into further crisis

In my original posting, bullying helpline breaches callers confidentiality, I was not looking at the specifics of the alleged bullying in Downing Street but more at the callers confidentiality that Christine Pratt had breached, and now continues to ignore in her rants.

Well, despite Christine Pratt's protests I obviously wasn't the only one who was unhappy about the breaches in confidentiality and in fact one two three all four Patrons of the National Bulling Helpline have now resigned over the very same issue.

Yesterday morning the first of the NBH Patron's to quit was Professor Cary Cooper, an academic and work-place stress expert, resigned saying that: "I am resigning now on the grounds that I think she [Christine Pratt] breached confidentiality.

"One of the things that is really important for any helpline or any counselling service is to retain confidentiality of the people calling up."

Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe and TV presenter Sarah Cawood followed Cary Cooper and then finally Hillingdon Conservative Councillor Mary O'Connor also resigned – leaving the charity without any patrons - all citing the same reason, the obvious breach of confidentiality.

The National Bullying Helpline website has this stinging attack on the four former Patrons;
"Our Patrons have resigned at a time when we needed them most. It is a shame that not one of them ever visited our charity offices to see how we operate or meet with our Volunteers and Trustee's, despite request."

The comment on the NBH website goes on to also explain that the Helpline has now been suspended;
"Due to the situation at this time we are temporarily suspending our helpline. However, the website is still operational and contains practical, downloadable, documents for those who need it. Competitor anti bullying charities, individuals with an axe to grind and a few others have forced our hand."
"We are currently considering the future of the charity. Christine Pratt is prepared to resign if necessary."
I am shocked and stunned she has not resigned yet.  What does she mean if necessary?
The worst aspect of this drama reading the NBH website is the attacks made on other anti bullying charities etc, my message to Christine Pratt is firstly, grow up and then go and clear your desk and do the decent thing and resign.
However, you cannot blame anyone else for this mess, it is entirely of your own making.
To rub salt into the helplines wounds the charity commission has said it is launching an investigation into the helpline because of complaints it had received in the last 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Well said Christine. Yes, she is unreliable and unprofessional but so to is Professor Cary Cooper, whoever he is. Of the two Christine Pratt is the more professional because Cooper stabbed her in the back as well as being unprofessional enough to be patron of a charity anyone could see was suspect.

I heard him on Radio 2 on Tuesday. He'd been stressed the previous day finding himself in the eye of a media storm, so stressed he was back on Radio 2 a day later.

Anonymous said...

Read what happend when the Charity Commission "investigated" previously!!

Andrew Tibbs said...

its appalling that the charities commission has not investigated this sham charity sooner. As has been pointed out elsewhere on the web, the NBH has been late in declaring its accounts to the commission, as well as other suspect financial arrangements. Why have the charities commission allowed the NBH to remain a registered charity for so long, and not investigated them until the public complained? Is this another quango that could do with scrapping or extensive reform???

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