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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The day John Prescott read my blog and Taylor Dayne sent me a twitter message

Today has been a bizarre day, first John Prescott the former Deputy Prime Minister read my blog post about the hypocritical Tories and lobbyists, and then twittered the message around his followers.

Then Councillor Daisy Benson and I enjoyed a little fun banter about singers called Taylor, and lo and behold Taylor Dayne contacted us both on Twitter.

I am 42 (phew, said it out loud) on Saturday and Taylor Dayne was a big huge part of my life in the 1980's, when I was coming out and clubbing near enough every night, yes, seriously, practically every single night so her contacting me on Twitter is a big thing for me today.

Tell it to my Heart was the big hit for me back in 1988, feel free to buy it, download it and listen and yes, thats what I was dancing to back in the day when I was 20.

I am soooooo, excited it is untrue, it has made my birthday, Taylor Dayne, thank you so much.


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