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Friday, 19 February 2010

Election launch - tomorrow or just a load of hype?

Its always difficult deciding whether what you hear and read on blogs , tweets and facebook etc is fact or hype.

Today is one of those days where the rumour mill is running on full speed.

The only thing Gordon Brown has now is the element of surprise for announcing the date for the general election.

There has been a buzz all day today that tomorrow is that very day, and given the tweet earlier from Douglas Alexander:

"Big day for Labour 2moro, will keep u updated"

The volume of the rumours has grown louder and louder as the day has gone on.

Now this could of course just be the unveiling of the Labour campaign slogans and nothing more than that.

However, the fuel added to the rumour fire is that both Peter Mandelson and Ben Bradshaw have pulled out of the BAFTA awards at the last minute.

So, March 25th or just hope for it all to just get going from the faithful party activists of all parties.

Let's get a good nights sleep and see.

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