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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Barack Obama snubs David Cameron

Well done to the Mirror for this gem.  Billy no mates, aka David Cameron wanted desperately to meet Barack Obama before polling day, expected on May 6th to get a photo of the handshake in the Oval Office.

The Conservative leader thought a photo of him and Barack may help his poll rating which recently is on a slump, it's because people don't trust you David, not that they don't have a photo of you and Obama in their kitchens.

However, Barack Obama's White House team weren't playing ball or hadn't been sent the right script:
A Washington source said: “The President is too busy to meet foreign leaders. He is focused on domestic ­policy and world issues like Afghanistan. The leader of the UK ­Conservative Party is not on his radar.”
It seems that not everyone wants to meet David Cameron.

The Conservatives were hoping the meeting could have happened last week when Cameron was expected to be addressing a technology conference in California, however, this visit was ditched and Cameron did the speech by video link once the Conservatives realised a meeting between Obama and Cameron wasn't happening.

The Conservative leader was offered an alternative meeting though:
In a knock-back for the Tory leader, US officials said Mr Cameron could speak instead to Mr Obama’s National Security Adviser General Jim Jones.
 Oh dear, it appears David Cameron is not as popular as he and his team thought.

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