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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pope Benedict gets LGBT equality wrong (again)

Pope Benedict is certainly not serving out his term quietly as expected is he?

The latest rubbish he is spouting, forgive my ranting, it's certainly making my blood boil, but then often that is exactly what the Catholic Church want, is to get a reaction - well they have succeeded this time, with me anyway.

As reported on the BBC News website:

Pope Benedict XVI said the legislation "violates natural law" and could end the right of the Catholic Church to ban gay people from senior positions.
Forgive me, but what is wrong with ending a ban that prohibits LGBT people working within the Catholic Church?  Who gave them that right and why does it deserve that right?

The Catholic Church seem to think it is totally acceptable to criticise and lambast the LGBT community, in fact I blogged when Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan started on the gays recently.

It is a great, great pity Pope Benedict isn't trying as hard to search his organisation, root out and get rid of the paedophiles that litter his Church isn't it?

There is a problem, because actually the Catholic Church are split on whose fault paedophilia actually is, there are some who blame gay priests pointing to the fact that Catholic Priests abuse more boys than girls.

Again, this completely misses the point, in many prisons gay sex takes place, not because the inmates are gay, far from it, but there are no women.  In the Church there are more boys in church choirs than girls, and so on highlighting that this was less a matter of attraction than availability

The worst part for me of the whole paedophile issue within the Catholic Church has been the years of continued cover ups, that senior members of the Church, including archbishops have actively covered up the disgusting actions of albeit a small proportion of priests, for many many years.

And now, here back to 2010, with these cover ups taking place the Catholic Church still thinks it is right and acceptable for them to actively discriminate against employing LGBT people within their organisation.
So much for the Church and it's Priests being part of a caring profession.


Matthew Huntbach said...

It is a great, great pity Pope Benedict isn't trying as hard to search his organisation, root out and get rid of the paedophiles that litter his Church isn't it?

You know that for sure? Do you know what he did to Maciel for instance? Are you aware of the kicking he gave to the Irish bishops?

In the Church there are more boys in church choirs than girls

You know that for sure? Have you gone to your local RC church and checked it out? The chances are the congregation and choir will be mainly women. The introduction of female altar servers has led to this task being dismissed as "girlie" by boys, hence the altar servers now are mostly girls as well.

I may be misjudging you, but the point is things may not be as the press chooses to report them. As Liberal Democrats we should know this. The press builds up what it wants to be the story, and reports us in those terms. Mostly it's based on some silly stereotype they have in mind. So they'll look for news or interpretations of news which will support that, they won't report anything that goes against it, and they won't do deep research to find out what is really happening.

jock said...

Where was your blog about the paedophile ex Director of LBGT Youth Scotland? The only LBGT related story you've blatantly ignored. Paedophiles are everywhere and affect all walks of life, yes, even people pushing the LBGT agenda.

Andrew Reeves said...

Matthew - some of my comments are based on a research paper into the make up of choirs and congregations of churches today and no, I am not 100% that the Catholic Church are investigating and rooting stuff out from contacts within the church.

Jock - I recall the story, it broke as I had 1st arrived in Scotland and the timing of the court case may well have been a day my workload was too much to blog, or another simple reason.

Gay or straight - I condemn paeophiles whatever, wherever and yes, that story was a disgrace, the guy used his position delibrately, and that was appalling. Glad he is behind bars.

Matthew Huntbach said...


Could you give me a reference to the research paper you mention? It certainly seems to me to be odd, not least because Catholic churches here in these isles don't have the sort of choir composed of boys you seem to be thinking of. Westminster Cathedral has one, yes. Your average RC parish church does not, in fact I'm not sure your average RC cathedral here has one.

As for your comments on whether Pope Benedict is or is not trying as hard as he can to root out paedophiles, I was wondering on what basis you made that comment. Do you actually know what he has done? I quoted just a couple of examples to see if your comment had any basis on actual knowledge or whether it was just thrown out through prejudice, and you did not respond in a way that suggests you had any knowledge of recent developments in he RC Church on this issue.

If you have not seen it, what you describe as the "latest rubbish he is spouting" is given in full here:

I am not suggesting you should agree with a word of this, but I am not sure if your comments were based on knowing what was said rather than on press reports which put their own spin on it. It is always useful to go back to sources, and the Vatican website is very good when it comes out to finding what was really said by the Pope rather than what bits the press decided to pick out and interpret as they wish.

Matthew Huntbach said...


In your latest article you write of "Lies, damn lies and Cameron's Conservatives crime statistics".

Well, in this one you made some very serious accusations. I asked you to justify them. You have not been able to do so. You had nothing at all to say on factual matters I reported which contradicted what you claimed. You mentioned "a research paper", but when I asked you for a reference you remained silent. No author, no source, not even a vague recolletcion of where it came from. So, was it all a lie? If you cannot respond, I have to assume it is.

So don't you have a cheek to condemn Cameron for "lies, damned lies and statistics" when you have demonstrated just the same behaviour in your article on which I am commenting?

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