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Monday, 15 February 2010

It's okay everyone, Nick Griffin and his thugs still run the BNP

For those people who were listening to the news yesterday and heard that the BNP were now prepared to accept non-whites into their organisation and that the world was somehow popping off its axis, it's okay, everything is back to normal.

At the Emergency General meeting of the BNP in Hornchurch, Essex which had been called following the decision by the courts that the BNP membership rules were not complying with British law, the decision was made to accept non-whites, as long as they agree that this country should stay British.

The BNP had also invited journalists to the EGM, maybe to boost the numbers, however just before Nick Griffin was due to speak one of the officials and BNP Councillor Richard Barnbrook decided they no longer wanted Dominic Kennedy, Investigations Editor of The Times in the meeting because they were upset or offended by a piece that Dominic had written in the Times on Saturday just a week before.

"The Times had been invited by Simon Darby, the party's press officer, with other media, to hear Mr Griffin describe the constitutional changes."
It then transpores that Dominic defended why he was there stating he had been invited by the BNP's own press officer, but to no avail, he was manhandled out of the room by the thugs.
Mr Griffin said The Times had lied about the party. He said: “Because he is from The Times, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and it lies and it lies and it lies about this party.
“So he [Dominic Kennedy] was told ’we’re sorry, you told one lie too many’, The Times, so we are not allowing anyone from The Times in – kindly leave.

“He refused to leave when he was asked so he had to be encouraged to leave.”
This utterley appalling behaviour shows that the BNP is still controlled by Griffin and his thugs, just because a journalist has written a story about the desparation and rubbish coming our of Barnbrook's mouth while on a recent visit with him in Barking he gets attacked and thrown out.
The worst part of the story in the Times on Saturday for me was that UKIP launched their campaign inviting Griffin to a fist fight, this just shows that not only are the BNP unfit for any office, but obviously so are UKIP - who at the launch of their campaign for the Barking constituency spelt Britain incorrectly, although to be fair, at least they launched it in Barking unlike the BNP, who launched it in Dagenham, which is in fact in the neighbouring constituency!
Long may Dominic Kennedy continue to highlight these thugs that call themselves a political party and I hope he wasn't hurt when thrown out of the BNP meeting.

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