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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Tories Twitter Rules for Twits

The Daily Mail today is covering the story so a hat tip to them.

The Conservative high command has issued a directive to every one of their candidates in the forthcoming general election that all twitter, facebook, blog and website comment must be checked first!

So, they are saying every tweet must be approved, every facebook status update must be approved, every letter in the local paper must be approved, every blog post must be approved and every comment or post on a website must be approved.

What they are actually saying is this, we don't trust you to make decisions on your own and we will dictate more than Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson did in 1997.

What a load of crap, I'm intrigued how Tory Central Office will even cope with this?

They can't cope with the gaffes that Chris Grayling MP, George Osborne MP and David Cameron make, so how do they propose to manage 650+ candidates?

This is the party that could, according to their own arrogance, possibly form the next government!

Don't get me wrong, people make mistakes on these outlets but that's because they are human.

As a person who uses social media and also works for the Liberal Democrats I would be horrified if the party or my bosses started to tell me what I can or cannot put on my blog, twitter messages and facebook statuses.

But that's the difference.

The Liberal Democrats believe in personal freedom, the Tories, as is becoming more apparent believe in a central dictatorship.

More power to the power of social media and a lot less for Tory CCHQ.

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