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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Joan Humble MP to stand down - that's 90 Labour MPs jumping ship

The floodgates are open and the MPs are flooding through, one after another and with only 68 days to go you have to question their loyalty to their constituents and the Labour Party, don't you?

Well, now it is the turn of Labour's Joan Humble, MP for Blackpool North & Fleetwood (which becomes Blackpool North and Cleveleys) to stand down at the forthcoming general election.

Joan Humble told her local paper, Fleetwood Weekly News;
"I have reached this decision after careful thought. My husband Paul is very close to retirement and we naturally wish to spend more time together in retirement. I would also like to devote much more time to my parents, who live in Yorkshire and have turned eighty."
Joan Humble has been in politics for twenty five years as a county councillor and then as an MP since 1997.

I stand by the fact though that many Labour MPs are jumping before being pushed and to get their payout before their P45 instead.


northernheckler said...

"You have to question their loyalty to constituents and the Labour Party"

25 years as county councillor, 13 years as MP - that's 38 years.

I think she's very loyal.

Andrew Reeves said...

I agree her record is loyal, but to tell your local constituency party and your constituents that I am off with 68 days to the election is hardly loyal to the overall cause.

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