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Monday, 8 February 2010

SNP Government spend £265,000+ on flags

I am all for flags on every public building, but is spending in excess of a quarter of a million pounds on promotional flags the best use of public money?

The majority of these promotional Saltires were also bought in the SNP's first year of minority government.

The SNP in the first two years spent just £1657.83 on ceremonial flags including two car flags, compared to over £263,000 on promotional flags!

As NHS Boards are considering drastic measures like cutting the number of nurses, or hospital beds to save money as they try to cope with a funding squeeze we have a minority goverment spending excessive amounts of money on promotional flags.

Imagine what this money could have bought in the NHS?  I know on the overall budget figures this is a small amount of money, but in a time when the government should be leading the way in tightening belts we have a First Minister with a large ego waving flags.


redcliffe62 said...

Clearly there were no flags before, which does not surprise me.

Small potatoes, less than half the individual sum a trougher like Martin or Campbell claimed, and nice to see them flying.

I would rather focus on those thieving expenses than those committed to putting pride back into Scotland, which is no bad thing.

Alec said...

Yes, I have to say this is small fry, especially as there's nothing to suggest they've been appropriated for SNP premises.

Andrew Reeves said...

It appears that the previous Liberal Democrat/Labour administration spent a lot on ceremonial flags for buildings.

The SNP government spent £1653 on ceremonila, but over a £250,000 on promotional flags.

I agree, as I said a small amount but that amount would go a long way in a hospital etc

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