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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Luciana Berger in Hillsborough twitter disaster

Luciana Berger's candidature has been plagued from the start but she does keep putting her foot in the proverbial crap, and today shows yet another example of her lack of understanding of the people of Liverpool.

You can read further coverage here and here.

Now, before all of the Labour hacks jump on me and say be fair to her, I am stating that even I got three out of four of these questions and I certainly didn't say "You can't ask a gay a football question" in the same manner she (pathetically) said "You can’t ask a girl a football question." anyway here was how Luciana Berger responded to the Liverpool Echo's "Liverpool Test".

I say this not to make petty political points but as a person born in Nottingham, yes really I was, and I recall watching that football match while working in Peterborough, you have to accept that the coverage by the Sun and their continued campaign afterwards was never justified.

Now, anyone at all worth their salt will know that the 15th April 1989 was a major date for Scousers and Hillsborough was an awful tragedy and everyone in Liverpool and Nottingham affected by the disaster has a real issue with The Sun newspaper and their bloody awful coverage of the disaster.

Well, that appears to be everyone apart from Luciana Berger, who felt it perfectly acceptable to follow The Sun on Twitter, you can see here on Luciana's Twitter page that she is desperately defending her very stupid decision.
I follow my Lib Dem opponent, and indeed he follows me, doesn't mean we support each other!
Now, that was Luciana Berger's latest twitter message (as of 9pm), honestly has she never heard of when in a hole stop digging?

When someone on twitter pointed this out to her,she stopped following the sun on her twitter account.

However, Luciana Berger has yet again proved she doesn't understand Liverpool or it's residents and voters and really should just shut up or resign and go for another seat, although I wouldn't recommend anywhere in Liverpool, Sheffield or Nottingham, I think you have proven Luciana that you just don't get it.

Thankfully the good people of Liverpool Wavertree have a local champion who wants to be their MP, Colin Eldridge.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe the Lib Dems are using Hillsborough as a smear tactic. That's even worse than the anti-Green Party leaflet they put out which included an article taken from Daiy Mail. Disgusting.

Foregone Conclusion said...

Hmmm. It's an incredibly tone-deaf thing to do, but I hope that we aren't going to make a fuss about it. As Anonymous shows, it'll look like we're taking advantage of Hillsborough for political gain. And, of course, it's a distraction from the issues.

Andrew Reeves said...

Anonymous - it is not a smear tactic, I have no sway with Liverpool, this is about a candidate who is just blundering from mistake to mistake and this one is more serious than the rest in my opinion.

Foregone conclusion - I am not using it for political advantage, again just pointing out that this candidate needs to learn and quickly before she offends too many people.

Anonymous said...

In Andrew's defence, he's not smearing anyone here.

Luciana giving the sun any kind of nod is a bad idea in Liverpool, her campaign is just one blunder after another at the minute.

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