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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

More musings from DA1

So much exciting news on Brian's campaign, no one expected us to get anyone from Clinton's campaign team!

Well, Rick is here and the team expands next week - can't wait to see those developments!

Met a great team of guys from Brighton today including Jamie and Lance - can't wait to work with Jamie on this exciting project - look out on BBC1 and ITV.

I know there's a lot of "can't wait" but watch this space........and obviously.

Brian is at the launch of his fantastic book "Line of Fire" - I can't make it, too busy, but hope it goes well Brian.

Tomorrow I'm off to Vassell ward to do Good Morning leaflets with Caroline Pidgeon then onto the office to load the next batch of fantastic tabloids onto the van to send out to seats across London.

Forget the You Gov poll - since September last year the votes in the Council by-elections across London go like this - Ken's Labour 8,315, Boris's Tories 10,367 and Brian Paddick's Lib Dems 13,006 - that's real votes in real ballot boxes!

More soon

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