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Friday, 4 December 2009

Subrosa shuts down the blog - another one bites the dust

What the hell is happening in the Scottish blogosphere?

Recently there have been some blogs disappearing from amongst our midst, such as Advanced Media Watch, Wardog, Moridura, and even Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting is wondering what the end game for bloggers is.

And now another day and another blog has shut down. Today it is the turn of Subrosa and to be honest this is all becoming strange and somewhat weird now. It appears someone has discovered Subrosa's identity and she wants to ensure her family is safe.

I blogged on Sunday about Mike Russell MSPs former staffer Mark MacLachlan who had been "uncovered" as a blogger who also hid behind a pseudonym.

That doesn't mean they were the same, in fact chalk and cheese spring to mind.

Now I appreciate that losing Mark MacLachlan's blog, and some say the same of Wardog is no great loss.

I say as I find. I enjoyed Wardogs blog and although I really disagreed with some of the postings it was an interesting read. Mark MacLachlan's blog was rude and just angry rants and to me just causing trouble. Advanced Media Watch and Subrosa I really did enjoy, didn't always agree but the debate was always inspiring.

They were both on my daily reading list and for slightly different reasons. Subrosa's continued support for our troops was admirable and I am genuinely going to miss this blog.

I am also pleased that Jeff is continuing because that blog disappearing on top of AMW and Subrosa would not have been good for Scottish blogging.

I know some of this does have history and there are some people in Scotland really should be ashamed of themselves over this whole sorry matter. In some respects I wish I knew more about the history and that I had even been here during the whole thing.

Blogging and journalism can and should live together in harmony. I appreciate sometimes that us bloggers will get a scoop that will annoy journalists but that is how the world is now.

We all have to learn to work alongside each other and maybe event together on some things.

We live in a different electronic age to that of five years ago and who knows what will be happening in five years time or how that will affect us?

Newspapers in the current hard copy may no longer exist as more and more people move to electronic communication, I don't think so for the record, I think newspapers will still exist but so will blogging.

Blogging has moved on from the initial online diary concept and journalism has moved on from the old Fleet Street days, now both sides have to learn to co-exist in better harmony in Scotland than now.


Allan said...

Jeez and i though i might be some sort of curse...

Seriously though, this is bad news. I have enjoyed her posts, she has always been thought provoking even if ihaven't always agreed with her.

A very sad week in the blogosphere.

subrosa said...

Morning. I don't write for folk to say 'auch she's braw that wumman', I write how I feel at the time and I'm really pleased you don't always agree with me, that's what it's all about. Then I learn you see and I also see the differences in the generations.

I've had so much support I'm overwhelmed to say the least so I've been persuaded to open the blog with some guest posts for a few days. Time I had a rest because it's all been what they say today ' a steep learning curve'.

Please continue to disagree with me, you younger ones are Scotland's future.

Thank you for the compliments Andrew, it's most kind of you.

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