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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Child detention at Dungavel finishes under new Lib Dem - Conservative coalition government

So, the Liberal Democrat - Conservative coalition government has stuck to it's word and ended child detention at Dungavel.

Fantastic, and well done Tavish Scott for raising it at First Ministers Question's last Thursday.

This shows what can be achieved when people work together towards a set of objectives.  This was a Liberal Democrat manifesto commitment and unlike the SNP who are now infamous for performing u-turns on their 2007 manifesto commitments we have not performed a u-turn but instead have delivered on that pledge.
Immigration Minister Damian Green said the new policy was being introduced "with immediate effect".
Families with children detained in Scotland may still undergo initial health and welfare screening at Dungavel, in Lanarkshire, but will then be moved to Yarl's Wood in Bedfordhsire.

Last week, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott described the detention of children at Dungavel as "shameful" and praised the new coalition government's commitment to bringing it to an end.
The Liberal Democrat - Conservative coalition government has already announced the launch of a comprehensive review of alternatives to child detention, including opening a dialogue with relevant stakeholders, organisations and experts across the UK.

This work has now started, because it is in all our interests, including those children who find themselves currently in detention, to do it quickly, but to also do it safely and thoroughly.

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Anonymous said...

Don't detain them - I agree. Send them home asap if their appeals fail.

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