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Saturday, 31 July 2010

X Factor winner Joe McElderry: I'm gay

Hat tip to my friend James Harrison for tweeting this morning "OMG Joe McElderry is gay! But he just loved his mam and his music" although it took me a few minutes to recall who Joe McElderry was then it dawned on me, the lad from X Factor.

As James says OMG (Oh my god for the oldies) Joe McElderry is gay!

I hope that Joe McElderry hasn't been hounded into making this announcement that he is gay, carried in full in today's Daily Mirror as an exclusive and The Sun, also as an exclusive.

The reason I say that hounded, is because if you read the statement from Joe on his own website, the word gay is carefully avoided (personally I think this is a mistake by Joe's PR team) and the language is very particular, as if this has come out of the blue a little.
Tomorrow there will be some articles about me in the newspapers because I have been doing some important interviews today. I wanted you to know that the articles are true.
I have read both versions and just hope that Joe is happy and his family, record company and all those around him will now support him through this period of his life, coming out is one of the hardest things every gay person has to do.

X Factor winner Joe McElderry
Which is why I am also now going to praise The Sun - I know, sorry, I should have put a health warning of some kind in front of that - but they have been sensible (sorry, again unexpected) and next to the online article about Joe have put My View by their agony aunt.

I have put it in full below as there are parents and family members out there who will find these groups and this piece quite helpful, even if they don't admit that now.
My View By DEIDRE SANDERS, Sun Agony Aunt

EVEN these days coming out takes a lot of courage.
In theory gay people aren't supposed to suffer from any prejudice in this country but, as I hear from readers every week, many do.
Most young people grow up hearing anti-gay jokes among the kids at school.
And telling mum and dad can be the toughest as, for even the most loving parents, it shatters their traditional dreams for you.

Of course, gay people can lead as fulfilling lives as straight brothers and sisters - but it can take everyone involved time to see how the new life is going to work out.
Most find coming out is an amazing relief because at last they can be themselves and be loved for their true selves.
There is plenty of help. Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays gives lots of support both to those wanting to come out and to the friends and relatives (0845 652 0311, ).
You can download their leaflets How do I tell my parents? and A Guide for Families and Friends. And if you would like my leaflets on Gay Worries or Gay Resources write to me at
Anyway, back to Joe McElderry.  I hope he can now be left alone come to terms with his sexuality and build relationships with friends and family again.

His music is good, I enjoyed The Climb when he won X Factor last year and see that his new album will be out on the 25th October.  Why a gap of ten months though, I have no idea?

Unfortunately as we saw with Will Young, the media paparazzi will now seek Joe and his first boyfriend, I really hope I am wrong but while prejudice continues to create headlines and sell copies of newspapers and magazines the paparazzi will unfortunately continue to exist.

Good on you Joe McElderry for being brave and taking that big step of coming out that every gay person has to, something a lot of straight people don't understand and never will because they don't have to do it.

1 comment:

James Harrison said...

Thing is he always always denied it when he was asked. Saying he was a virgin, straight, just a good boy that loved his music etc. I don't have much respect for him when he denied it so much and has to be outed by the papers

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