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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Should Luciana Berger MP stayed on air with Kelvin MacKenzie?

Controversial Labour MP, Luciana Berger has hit the headlines once again for her lack of knowledge about Liverpool - the very city she represents!

This time Luciana was invited to participate on BBC Radio Five on Sunday night, but apparently she had no prior knowledge of who was to participate alongside her until she arrived at the studio.

So, when she knew Kelvin MacKenzie, the former tabloid editor who was responsible for infamous slurs against Liverpool FC fans following the Hillsborough disaster and still today remains a despised figure on Merseyside.

Within minutes Luciana Berger was being attacked on twitter for not walking out of the studio, rather than staying and debating ghosts with him (must be the Halloween link).
Just one of many twitter messages - this was polite

So, where do you stand on this, should the new MP for Wavertree, Luciana Berger have walked out of the BBC Five Live studio when she realised it was going to be sharing a panel with Kelvin MacKenzie, or did she do the right thing and stay?

I realise the hurt people went through after Hillsborough, but has enough water flowed under the bridge for the good scousers of Liverpool to forget what Kelvin MacKenzie said following that tragic day?


Dale said...

Yes, I think she did the right thing... Whether she knew who he was (in relation to Liverpool) is perhaps another issue?

Anonymous said...

i will be polite, you CANNOT appreciate how much hurt there is still over Hillsborough-so please dont say you do

Miss Berger may have made an honest mistake but any criticism she gets is justified - McKenzie has never apologised fully and even after 21 years should do so

Remember Andrew earlier this year the current Sec of State for Culture attacked those who died -describing them as hooligans - appalling that after so long we have still have such ignorance about what happened

The 96 cant defend themselves and need us to continue to campaign for justice for them for as long as it takes - if you treat Mckenzie in such a manner he's won - its that simple

and yes im Scouse - a lifelong Everton fan not that it matters - i remember my sister trying to locate her teenage son who went to the game= it was 10 hours before she found out he was safe( no mobiles then) .her agony was nothing to those who lost loved ones dont airbrush them out of existence through a mere passage of time.


Anonymous said...

I think Berger let Liverpool down.

She should have stayed and cornered MacKenzie on why he felt it necessary to spread so many disgusting and hurtful lies.

She missed a great opportunity and Liverpool lost out.

Shame on her.

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