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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Can you afford £15 to help fund a new business?

Probably, if you are honest, the answer to that question is yes.  That is a weeks worth of your favourite coffees, or newspapers, okay if you earn very little then maybe that would take a while to pull together, but it is still affordable.

However, for what I'm about to tell you about it would take these people perhaps years to save this money up especially as the daily wage is only around £4 and then they have to eat.

I never thought I would find myself listening seriously to something Kate Garraway had to say, I've never been a GMTV fan and Daybreak is well, worse, but yesterday on Loose Women, Kate was talking sense.
“In Togo I discovered that many of the women don’t even have birth certificates because their families are more likely to register the birth of a son than a daughter. That, combined with the rural locations in which a large proportion of the country’s population live, means that traditional banking methods and loans are nigh on impossible to come by for the average man or woman, 70 per cent of whom live on less than $2 (62p) per day.

“Most of the world’s poorest families have no access to financial services, so CARE International UK set up, so that those in developing countries can lift themselves out of poverty.” It seems the perfect scheme for a post-credit crunch economy.
What Kate is talking about in the Daily Express is a new website set up by CARE International UK, where you are the 'bank', you pick a business (entrepreneurs) you want to help from the list provided, from Benin, Indonesia, Philippines or Togo and you can read about what the entrepreneur is proposing, their loan repayments once the loan in 100% funded and which other people have funded the same business.

The minimum loan you can give is £15.

So, I have signed up today, and you can too.  Read how it all works HERE and then if you think you can help, set up an account and help finance a new business today.

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oneexwidow said...

Interesting post, thanks for this.

I've long been interested in the benefits of microlending, and think the idea of creating a link between the donor and the beneficiary is really interesting. I'll be looking into this further and may well follow your lead.

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