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Sunday, 17 May 2009

BNP Election Communication - supporters that don't exist

In a Democratic society as ours is the BNP are allowed to stand in elections and free to distribute their literature, via the Royal Mail in key elections as all political parties can.

A small piece of paper dropped through the letterbox the other day, the BNP Election Communication, with three photographs on with explanations on why those people are voting BNP.

But, they aren't what they seem, in fact these BNP voters/supporters don't exist!

There is a doctor and the caption says - “I’m voting BNP because I see what immigration has done to the NHS. As a Doctor I want to see an end to ‘health tourists’ and to make sure British nurses are employed and paid fairly.”

Search for this image on tineye and you’ll quickly find out that this image has been used on a number of websites and that you can buy it to use royalty free from a stock photo website. The image was taken by an American photographer probably in 2006.

And the list goes on, in fact a quick search on tineye and there they all are.

Stock photography is fine to use, and I frequently do but I don't claim they aren't what they are, I don't put words in the peoples mouths and claim they really did say that unless I know the person and we have their permission.

The BNP must be stopped on June 4th in the European Elections all over Scotland, and the UK.


Anonymous said...

If the people featured were actual BNP supporters they'd be sacked because if you're a nurse, a doctor, fireman or police officer for example, if you are known to support the party it's the end of your career.

Not very democratic isb it?

Anonymous said...

we have many nurses in our Sheffield BNP Branch but you know they would be dismissed if they were found out

perhaps that’s the society you prefer but we want to change it to a free society

There is a mass media defame about the BNP as usual at election times, but people are now realising that the BNP are there for the British people survival

Anonymous said...

if you go on to the BNP website they have openly admited these are stock photos what you are scraping the barrel the BNP are gonna do well

An Donas said...
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