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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lothian Buses

Well, up to now I've been a fan, and to be brutally honest on the whole I still am bar one of their drivers who is completely sexist.

Most drivers as they pull out of the Western Harbour terminus (termini?) will pull up to collect if they see someone running towards the terminus.

Not this driver, well, if you're male he doesn't (two mornings running and not just me) but if you're female oh he does then.

I appreciate they will use their discretion dependent on timing but this particular driver is just arrogant.

If he thinks its going to ruin my day and he's really wound me up then sorry sunshine you lost that one.

So, happy and even smiling I'm sat on the next bus because Lothian buses run a fantastic service :-)


John said...

As far as I'm concerned they need more Gay bus drivers that are into boyish looking middle-aged Gay men.

Norman said...

Have you tried shaving your legs?

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