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Monday, 25 May 2009

Data security under the Labour Government

Well, today the Information Commissioner has told the NHS to improve it's data security according to the BBC website.

The information commissioner has told the NHS to improve its data security, after breaches involving the loss of thousands of personal medical records.

This is on the same day we learn the Ministry of Defence has lost data of RAF vetting records leaving people open to blackmail.

The e-mail - from an unnamed wing commander - says the data "provides excellent material for Foreign Intelligence Services and blackmailers".

How much data and records have gone missing since 1997, one argument in why we should never have ID cards because we cannot trust the Government in keeping data secure, and I am not convinced that they wouldn't lose the data they want to store on the ID cards, whereas spending that same volume of money on increasing police officer numbers across the country has multiple benefits.

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