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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Mark Lazarowicz MP and the Gurkha's

No, it is not about an MPs expenses!

Two weeks ago, I wrote to my local MP, Mark Lazarowicz about the Gurkha's.

I haven't had a reply and I suspect until the Government u-turn this week forced by Joanna Lumley and the Liberal Democrats, I wasn't going to get one.

I now suspect I will get a gloaty one, I hope not because I will argue back on this issue.

The Liberal Democrats have campaigned for five long years about this issue and finally Gordon Brown saw sense and backed down.

Those who are prepared to die for this country and it's people have a right to live here.

MPs like Mark Lazarowicz didn't care about this, he didn't sign the Parliamentary Motion and now, let us see how different he will react, I suspect like other issue I have written about, the gloat will come.

I look forward to the day Edinburgh North & Leith becomes a Liberal Democrat constituency.

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