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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Labour fall to third place for first time in 22 years

A devastating ICM poll for tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph puts Labour in THIRD place behind the Liberal Democrats:

Conservatives 40% up 1
Liberal Democrats 25% up 5
Labour 22% down 6

ICM also measured opinion for the European Elections.  Compared to yesterday's Populus survey it found a much weaker standing for UKIP:

Conservatives 29% down 1
Liberal Democrats 20% up 2
Labour 17% down 7
Greens 11% up 2
UKIP 10% no change

Fantastic news for the Party.

Although all Parties are embroiled in the expenses scandal it really is showing up the old Tory Party of sleaze and Labour too.

So, bring on the 4th of June

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