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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

ID cards

I see from the news that Gordon Brown and his out of touch government are pressing ahead with their expensive and unnecessary ID cards scheme starting with airport staff (compulsory) and the good people of Manchester (optional at £60) despite public opinion being against them and the fact they don't actually stop terrorists.

Jacqui Smith, Gordon Brown and the Labour Party are always polling public opinion or on occasions even seeking the view of Parliament and then say, sod it, let's just do it anyway!

This is one of those said occasions.

And as we saw with the awful Madrid train bombings, ID cards do not stop terrorists as the bombers all had them!

So my question to Gordon and Jacqui is this; if you believe in the ID card so much why don't you make MPs have them first?

My message to you both, as I'm convinced one of your chronies will monitor the blogging airwaves is stop wasting our tax monies on things we don't need nor want and invest the money in more police on the beat, they are needed and would make a huge difference!

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