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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Swine Flu - a pandemic or a man-made phenomenon?

As the recession takes hold all over the world what better way to take your mind off it than by having a swine flu pandemic?

We all spend more, whether on unnecessary antibiotics or completely useless face masks or millions of Government leaflets taking us out of recession, but hundreds of people die instead.

I know this is a simplistic cynical view.

Seriously though I am really concerned how the media are leading the swine flu story.

They are over hyping it on a major scale and I'm worried about that. Yesterday in a supermarket I heard 2 women talking about whether they should start buying bottled water because of swine flu?

Oh my god, be serious. Let's take it seriously but let's not over react on this as we have a habit of doing here in the UK!


James said...

Also, to put it in perspective, 152 deaths compared to 25 million for AIDS.

Why isn't there outrage every day that the AIDS virus is claiming millions of lives every year?!

Anonymous said...

What happens when the hundreds of millions people with AIDs get swine flu?

Anonymous said...

*tens of millions (typo)

manny paul said...

The World Health Organization raised its global alert level on the spreading swine flu virus Monday, but stopped short of declaring a global ...on swine flu worldwide

manny paul said...

An NRI who flew to Hyderabad from Texas, the US state which reported the first swine flu death outside Mexico, was on Wednesday found to have the flu symptoms..
swine flu to hyderabad

TICQueen said...

A 1968 a "Hong Kong" flu pandemic killed about one million people globally. In a 1918 "Spanish" flu pandemic between 40 million and 100 million people died. However, the WHO says the world is now better prepared to withstand a flu pandemic.

You can get a complete Swine Flu guide at

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