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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Joseph Nicolosi - I am gay and proud of it so bog off!

Well, do I start with the Gurkhas and the Governments decision or the fact that next week the Interception Modernisation Programme goes to the House of Commons?

Not now, I will blog later about those.

I'm going to talk (rant) about Joseph Nicolosi, a psychologist who claims he can "cure homosexuality".

He's in London to address a religous conference held by the the Anglican Mainstream group.

My message to Joseph Nicolosi is I'm gay, and very proud of it so bog off.

Being gay is not a disease, I think realistically I knew when I was about 9 or 10. I came out when I was 16 and I know my Mum struggled with it for a while but we overcame that and are now great friends as well as Mum and Son.

I'm in a strong and happy relationship, and have been for a long time. Its our 16th anniversary this year.

So Joseph Nicolosi instead of causing hatred and stirring up resentment why don't you turn your attention and channel your energy into fighting real diseases like cancer? A disease that rips families apart - gay or straight - a disease that is a killer?

Go on, you might then make a difference in this world.


Gauss Jordan said...

Here, here! In the US there are groups that spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money on the "gay" issue (e.g. the "Gathering Storm" anti-gay-marriage ads that are running now).

The ads have become one of the most-parodied videos in the past couple of weeks (I wrote a post on one of them).

And by the way, I'm envious that you came out as a teen, and have a great partner -- I'm coming out now in my mid-20's, and wish I had years and years ago.

Anonymous said...

It's fine that you are gay and proud, but what about the thousands of us that are miserable and suicidal from our unwanted same-sex attractions? If there is a possibility of change, shouldn't we be given the opportunity to try? Don't I have rights, too? I will tell you that I have been in reparative therapy for 6 months and it has improved my emotional and psychological well-being immensely. My attractions haven't changed completely yet, but there has been progress in that area. And there are thousands of men and women that have gone through this process and have changed such that they are now in heterosexual marriages and families. Had it not been for Nicolosi and other therapists brave enough to offer this treatment, I (and thousands like me) would already be dead. Where is the hate in what Nicolosi and others are doing? They don't want to change everyone. They only want to offer hope to those of us that can't live otherwise.

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