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Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Budget and me

I haven't blogged for a while, mainly because I'm busy with the preparation for the European elections on 4th June.

I liked the headline in the METRO today - "Till debt us do part", and it's true. The Labour Government have got us into debt a total of around the equivalent of £23,000 for each person in the UK.

The current economic crisis is global so the blame can't all be dumped on the doorstep of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the Labour Party.

However, the mis-management of it can.

I was listening to George Osborne yesterday and today, he's awful. He avoided every specific question put to him about what the Conservatives would do if they won the General Election.

Whereas, the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable gave specifics, including our changes to the tax allowances meaning £700 in the pocket.

There were a few good points in the Budget from my perspective;

• £1billion towards fighting climate change

• Car scrappage scheme

We got slammed on so many points though so I expect my salary to go down and not go so far - thanks to Labour.

Just remember on the 4th June all the last 12 years!

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