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Friday, 24 April 2009

Lib Dems romp to victory

I have just heard news from the Inverness West count.

The first preference votes cast in Inverness West yesterday were as follows:
Alasdair Christie (Lib Dem) 1503 - 60%
Brian o'hEadhra (SNP) 556 - 22%
Andrew Mackintosh (Lab) 210 - 8%
Sheila MacLaughlin (Christian Party) 115 - 5%
Donald Gunn Macdonald (Con) 111 - 4%
George Macdonald (Solidarity) 27 - 1%
Turnout 2540 (38.35%)
The quota in the first round (50% of the vote plus 1) was 1262, and since Alasdair had exceeded the quota, he was elected without any transfers taking place.
In a ward which the SNP won by 125 votes 2 years ago, that represents a remarkable change of direction. That's a 22% swing from the SNP to the Scottish Liberal Democrats.
The people of West Inverness have chosen a first class councillor in Alasdair, and endorsed the all-year-round work of the Focus Team led by existing Lib Dem councillor Alex Graham. They've also sent a very clear message to the SNP over their broken promise to fund the city bypass.

The Conservatives came a poor 5th place - never mind David Cameron!
Thank you to everyone who helped make this result possible. It shows that energetic, positive campaigning can pay big dividends.

Let's keep the momentum going and make sure we get George Lyon elected to Europe on 4th June too!

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