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Monday, 13 April 2009

A message for Nigel Griffiths MP and the Labour Party

Well, I am bemused by Nigel Griffiths MP. Not his extra marital business, I will leave that well alone - eugh.

I am talking about his latest leaflet where he blames Lib Dem led Edinburgh City Council for the closure of Post Offices - Nigel, what a load of crap. Your Labour Government has withdrawn business away from the Post Office so that things like DVLA and paying bills are a thing of the past. Your Government has taken bonds away from the Post Office as well.

That's nothing to do with the Council (this one or any other) so when you write these leaflets be honest, oh, of course you can't be on this can you becuse in your previous leaflet you claimed that YOU saved 11 of the Post Offices in Edinburgh South? - again, what a load of crap.

You had nothing to do with saving any Post Offices anywhere but you and your Labour Government have closed thousands across the UK, in fact your Labour Government have closed more Post Office branches in the UK since 1997 than the Tories did in 18 years - you and your party should be ashamed of themselves.

You claim the Labour Government created the Post Office Card Account to help Post Offices, you then forget to mention that it was your Party that was going to scrap it - but in the Glenrothes by-election you changed your minds..........

The leaflet that you and your Party have been delivering for months now is just negative acid rubbish. What you fail to mention is that the Lib Dem/SNP Council have had just 2 years to undo decades of damage done by your Labour Party here in Edinburgh - so shut up or at least put forward positive suggestions - oh, and get your own house in order first!


Chris Lovell said...

Nicley put!

The labour party do this everywhere. They do what they like in Westminster then come back to their constituencies and tell the local paper and write in local leaflets that they did the complete opposite.

Do they think people are stupid? Or that we live in '1984'? My guess is a bit of both!

Liberal Neil said...

They are also now trying to get everyone to switch to having benefits paid into their bank accounts, even those of us who have told them very clearly that we prefer to collect the money at our local Post Office.

(We do not want to give them details of our bank account because of their record of 'losing' the data)

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