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Friday, 17 April 2009

Prince's Trust gave money to the Conservatives

So, the Charity Commission has said the Prince's Trust broke the law by donating £10,050 to Conservative Party group women2win!

This is reported in The Times today.

You would assume this would be a big story, but no, it is buried on page 14 in todays edition.

"It added (the Charity Commission) that the charity (Prince's Trust) had been wrong to hold a fundraising lunch involving Baroness Thatcher with the organisation, which has been set up to get more Tory women candidates elected to Parliament."

The Commission went on to say;

"The Prince's Trust had risked its reputation and independence."

What the story fails to mention is whether the Conservatives have been asked to pay the money back?

They definitely should do, and the Prince's Trust have broken the law so they should demand it back!

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