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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Royal Bank of Scotland and the 9,000 job losses

Although they say there will be no compulsory redundancies, it doesn't alter the fact that 4,500 people mainly in Edinburgh and London are soon to be joining the ranks of the unemployed.

Gordon Brown should be ashamed of himself and his Government.

His Government claim that just in Edinburgh 10 people apply for every vacancy - 160 just applied for a job we have advertised, not 10.

My partner hasn't worked since November, and applies for jobs day in, day out and usually the companies he applies to don't even have the common courtesy to reply.

So Gordon, I don't believe only 10 people apply for each job at all and now you're adding another few thousand to the list chasing every job.

Sir Fred Goodwin isn't ever going to pay his pension back, Labour Ministers approved it and he has no remorse that he's just put 9,000 people out of work, if that is indeed the true figure, and I'm sure as usual within the banking world they won't feature any senior management.

Its time the banks, now allegedly under public ownership again started giving something back and stop sponsoring airports and the like.

Its time for change Gordon!

1 comment:

John said...

Indeed a part-time meeter and greeter type role for the local shopping centre's shopmobility scheme at NMW attracted 200 applicants!

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