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Monday, 20 April 2009

Great weekend in Cardiff

I've been away in Cardiff this weekend at the Welsh Liberal Democrats conference and have had a great time.

I stayed at the brand new Sleeperz hotel by the railway station - on the whole very good, great wet room styled bathrooms but inconsistent on cooking bacon - Friday crispy, Saturday fatty and undercooked and Sunday okay.

Lots of Celtic liaison and training which was why I was there and its always good to see how other conferences work!

I managed a bit of sightseeing as well including a run out from the Bay to the City on the boat taxi - bargain at £3 (£5 return).

Had a good meeting with their new Leader, Kirsty Williams on Thursday in the Assembly and very impressed with the new team - and Kirsty - great speech on Saturday and a good Q&A with Nick Clegg on the Friday.

Cardiff is a Lib Dem run council and my goodness they're working hard.

Great weekend!

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