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Friday, 24 April 2009

Apples and Ryanair

For those that have never met me, I'm 41 with a 32inch waistline and I'm obviously a toned gym bunny - for those that know me - damn!

I'm appalled by Ryanair and will never, ever fly with them.

They are proposing to introduce what can only be described as a "fat tax" - its discriminatory and bloody stupid.

How do they measure it, if you're a woman and over 15stone and if you're a man and over 20stone (I'm not, by the way), but they won't install scales nor get you on the suitcase scale, so how will the know?

Apparently, once on the plane is one option! Another is to make you buy two seats and refund one if the plane isn't busy!

For gods sake Ryanair get a grip, what a load of crap, you already screw enough money out of your passengers - get a life!

So, breathe and now apples, yes apples.

Many British varieties are disappearing, that's because the supermarkets are screwing the producers at every turn and they decide what sells.

I ran a fruit and veg shop, Dysons (and I did have a 32inch waist then) for three years on the Roundhay Road in Leeds and we sold what was in season (remember seasons?), so therefore sold loads of different varieties.

Supermarkets aren't interested, they want shiny perfect apples (category 1), anything with a blemish, bruise or small hole is called a category 2, there's absolutely nothing wrong with them but supermarkets won't touch them.

So I'm afraid the death of the British varieties of apples is down to Tesco, ASDA, Sainsburys, Co-op, Waitrose, Somerfield, Aldi, Lidl etc etc and partyl YOU! Because you won't stretch your legs and shop local or at farm shops!

Shame on them all.

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